» Goa Gajah       : Elephant Cave Temple
           » Gunung Kawi    : The Rocky Temple
           » Tampak Siring     : The Holy Spring Temple
           » Penelokan : The Viewing of Mount Batur & Like Batur
           » Kintamani : Ulun Danu Temple
           » Pujung : Rice Terrace
  Departure : 9.00    Price : USD $ 50.00
goa gajah  
  Goa Gajah
  A thousand year old herritage with a
  Ganesha ( elephant headed god )
  statue inside so called elephant cave
  and there's beautiful bathing place
  and also remains of Budhist
gunung kawi temple
tampak siring temple                        Gunung Kawi
The spectacular an ancient complex of rock temple, royal tombs and monk's cave was established in the 11th century on ravines of bothside of Pekerisan River.
  Tampak Siring
The holy spring in the inner court yard
  of the Tirta Empul temple and there
  are also the bathing pools here.
mound batur view
kintamani village                            Penelokan
The Native village with the best enjoy overlooking view of the Mount Batur and its lake.
  The Native village with the best enjoy
  overlooking view of the Mount Batur
  and its lake.
rice terrace view
The village most extra ordinary rice terrace view.

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