» Gianyar       : Batik hend faktory hend weaving
           » Klungkung   : Old Court of Klungkung Kingdom
           » Besakih   : The biggest temple in Bali Located at slope
               of mount Agung
           » Sebetan : Salak fruit plantation (famous balinese) 
           » Candi Dasa : Resort Beach
           » Tenganan : Oboriginal Village of Hindu
           » Goa Lawah : Bats cave temple
  Departure : 8.30    Price : USD $ 60.00
gianyar village  
The Village of Gianyar has many of
  the best weavers on the island; it is
  also the most accessible and houses
  the best known factories for this craft.
besakih temple                           Klungkung
The court of justice building of Klungkung Kingdom with its Kamasan Style Ceilling.
  It is the biggest temple in Bali called
  mother temple that located at Besakih
  Village on slope of Mount Agung.
candi dasa                                Sebetan
At this place we can take a rest while trying the taste of Balinese Coffee, Cocoa, Ginger Tea and others much more, in fact you can also see the nice spice garden.
  Candi Dasa
  Gateway to east Bali, this relaxation
  session among the beautiful beach.
tenganan village
Tenganan is one of several ancient villages in Bali, which is usually called "Bali Aga". There are some versions of story telling us the history of Tenganan village. Some say that the word Tenganan was derived from the word "tengah" or "ngatengahang" which means "move to the inner area".
  Goa Lawah
  Is a shrine cave where thousands of bat have a nest   inside of this cave. Beside of that, there are also
  a temple by local Hindu people used as a place to
  worship the god.

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